Conversation with Shiwoo about feminist politics in Korea and the Korean diaspora


Shiwoo 시우 is an activist with World Without War and a writer, translator, and author of an important queer studies book titled QUEER APOCALYPSE (2018). They are also a conscientious objector to military service in South Korea. Shiwoo was found “not guilty” by an important court ruling in 2020 that recognized queer feminist political dissent and faith-based activism against militarism. The final decision is still pending.

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Ju Hui Judy Han is a cultural geographer and Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at UCLA, where she teaches classes on gender and sexuality, Korean studies, (im)mobilities, and comics. Her research and publications concern conservative religious formations, queer activism, and protest cultures. Judy grew up in Seoul and has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Berkeley/Oakland, Vancouver, and Toronto.